Saturday, October 12, 2013

MLSP Review and MLSP Insider Review Proof

MLSP Review ( Proof for My Position )

At the time I discovered MLSP I had recently embarked upon my first network marketing venture and while we found a bit of initial success, I just wasn’t comfortable approaching people and inviting them to my business at the time. I certainly wasn’t very good at it. I had approached family, friends, co-workers and even strangers on the street. But I believed in the company and the business model of network marketing so I started exploring alternative avenues.

 Because cold call prospecting sucked! So most of my new team members did not do it either.

Finally I stumbled upon a formula that was getting results and I did what anyone smart would- something else ! Just kidding, I kept doing the same thing over and over till I saw better and better results. The last couple months I’ve been getting between 15-25 leads/day ( or more- lately it’s been more like 25- 30 )  and had 10 signups into my business just last month alone.

MLSP Review -The Different Levels Explored and Explained

Today there are four levels to join MLSP.
  • Academy -which is just training. 
  • Gold- where you can earn 30% residual commissions and get a set of attraction marketing tools that work. 
  • Platinum- similar to Gold with more social media marketing tools like Facebook Fan pages and video hosting account.
  • Finally the  new MLSP Mastery program which pays 30-100% pure profit commissions. This is turning into the most profitable online network marketing venture anywhere, while  helping people generate leads for their primary business too. Not bad.

This vid below also shows:

0:31-  MLSP review tip # 1- MLSP overview and answering common questions
1:23 - MLSP review tip # 2- What most people miss
2:05-  MLSP review tip # 3- What's different
4:07-  MLSP review tip # 4- Why so many marketeres are frustrated
5:55-  MLSP review tip # 5- MLSP results thus far

MLSP has proven to be the difference that makes all the difference. Take a 3-day test drive today and see for yourself.

All the best,

Ryan S.

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