Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Goals- What You Should Be Working On...

December “To-Do’s” for January “Breakthroughs”

 January is known universally as the BIGGEST month of growth for home business owners. Not only does this month bring massive opportunities for business builders due to so many new years resolutions to “make more money” or “start taking my current business more seriously,” but it also sets the stage for the entire upcoming year.
Yet most home business owners will repeat the same mistakes they made last year. They don’t really commit to growth and change. They will continue to buy into crap excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money.” And (this is huge) they will wait until January to do important things that should be done in December.
Don’t make the same mistakes you made last year !
The home biz owners that will continue to get lame, mediocre results in the new year will wait until January to set their new year goals, tighten  infrastructure, increase web presence and do other activities that take away from things they should be doing in January which is produce produce produce!
Here are a few things you should be doing now, (in December) that will allow you to hit the ground running in January and make for an explosively profitable and fulfilling new year!  This stuff works! Do not take it lightly!

1) Review and reflect on the past year

This doesn’t mean beat yourself up for all the things you wanted to accomplish but didn’t. This means reflecting on what you DID accomplish in 2014. How did you grow ?

 (Both in your business and your personal life). What did you learn? In what ways did you grow? (again both personally and professionally). What books did you read and what courses, or info products did you consume and what did you learn from each of them?

 Make a list of every single victory you experienced in your business in 2014. No victory is too small here. 

First online lead?  Make any sales or get anyone to sign up with you? 
Did you create or purchase something that can be a long term asset to your business moving forward?  Start listing ALL your victories you experienced in business in 2014.

2) Create New goals and Craft Your Vision

Too many people wait until January to set their goals or “resolutions” for the new year. You will be seeing a lot more goal setting training from me in the coming weeks, so I’m not going to go super in-depth here. But here are a few points to remember. Start with getting clear on a vision for what you want your business and life to look like. If you were to go really big in this business journey what would your life look like? In what specific ways would you benefit from it? In what ways would other people like friends, family members and strangers benefit? What organizations and causes would you support?
When it comes to goal setting, make a list of things you want to accomplish in the new year. Do not edit. Do not hold back. Make a list of 5-10 business related goals for 2015. Then cube the list down to the big 3. What are the top 3 big business goals you have for 2015? Make sure to write them down! It is said that 3% of the population writes down their goals and the other 97% of the population work for these people. After that what are the top 3 “lifestyle” goals you have for 2015? In what ways will you reward yourself for hitting your business goals? Will you take the kids to Disney Land? Travel abroad for the first time, etc. This is important because setting big goals will inevitably bring big challenges. You want to get really clear on how you will reward yourself for your hard work and sacrifice.

3) Polish your web presence and tighten up the ship

Start thinking about all the ways in which you can improve your own web presence. This may include things like creating a new header image to use across your social media accounts, a new background or a new video intro to use in your video marketing. 
Got a blog  ?
 Main website ?
 At this point not sure why you wouldn’t if you want to be taken seriously in today’s business world, ask yourself "Is there a personally branded offer you could create to position yourself as more of an authority?"
Are people interested in working with you specifically or are you just marketing the company you work for ?

Already have an offer? How can you improve it ? What are other people in the industry doing ?
( There's a hint at the bottom on how to find out if you don't already know. )

 Systems. How are you tracking buyers list from your regular list? How are you following up with your team members,
Are you using automation to get your new buyers to move through your up-sell process ?

 In what ways could you either improve your own sales conversion processes or improve your average customer profitability? Again don’t worry about how exactly you are going to do these things or worry about not having the time to do them, just make the list!

Like automation  and training on bringing in more online leads ?
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Until next time…

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Network Marketing Recruiting: Never Run Out of People to Talk To

Network Marketing Recruiting series Part 2:
If you've ever struggled with finding quality people to talk to about your product or opportunity, you're not alone.

You may have realized "Oh no... my warm market has dried up, what can I do?"

This vid talks about how that happens to almost everyone and how you can keep it form happenning to you.

Pros know it takes around 7 exposures to your message before prospects make a decision. How you can  accelerate this drawn-out but profitable process from  months to less than a week.

With a solid system in place -you can't help but be a prospecting machine. You can't help but duplicate your network, you can't help but earn big fat commission checks in your sleep-even when people don't join YOUR opportunity.  Nearly effortless 4-step process to program success into your DNA and get it to work on autopilot.

Can you recruit somebody in as little as 3 days ?

What does it take for breakthrough results ?

Do you keep hearing stories about ordinary people in your exact same circumstances who overcame the odds and are now enjoying monthly 6-figure incomes?  Yes, it can be done, you just need the right tools. And that means a system that works for you, not guesswork.

Go visit for my free training and the exact system I used to change my business and the way I practiced network marketing recruiting ( hint: no more cold-calling ) for good.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Plan For You

 Affordable Life Insurance: How to Get It

Looking for Affordable Life Insurance ?

Want to know if the plan you have right now is best for you or if you should trust Obamacare ?

If you're like most people you really want to know one thing: how can I save money? Here are a couple of questions you might’ve asked yourself in the past:

Perhaps You’re in good health but feel like you’re overpaying for  your Life Insurance?
So this is something I just started learning about...

And did you know when it comes to Affordable life insurance that getting your Own plan is usually ½ the price of getting it through your employer?

Or maybe you pay for your own life insurance or have a plan through your employer that somehow keeps getting more expensive every year?”
People overpay for their Life Insurance every day, especially Self Employed folks.
Let these guys explain...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is This a Legit method to earn Quick Cash for Beginners ? I set to Find out....

The Premise

 With so many false advertisement  and misleading schemes on the internet , someone sent me something recently that gave me hope for those just starting out. Building a business takes time, that's obvious- but some of my pupils have asked about various methods for putting a little extra cash in their pockets.

I set out with one in particular to save them the time.

Now, the experiment Begins...

Legit method for earning fast cash ? Click HERE to see what I'm talking about.

There's a method to the madness, there has to be really, it's just a matter of learning what it is.

I've done some trading on my own, but not like this...  

I'll be back with more to flesh this post out soon, plus results- or lack thereof...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Nikken Scam - are Nikken scam accusations True? Read This and Find out...


Most people never really make money in a home business,even if the company they work with has superior products.

But does that necessarily make it a scam ?
Does that mean Nikken is a scam too?

NO. In fact it's not.

This video shows how that can happen with Nikken or any home business and what individuals can do

to change it. 

Nikken Scam Reviews: It's pretty simple- can you trust Nikken, what is it really going to take to succeed, and is what most people are doing working?

 The answers you're looking for are here for those unanswered questions about a Nikken scam.

The average person can succeed in this company if properly equipped with the right tools and coaching.
That's right.

The proper tools.

 And most people never get them.
Can you really make money with this company ?

In all honesty Nikken isn't a scam... they have real products and genuine customers.

But does the "old" way of doing things really work ? Does calling your friends and neighbors
and co-workers work well today ?

The hard truth most people- (as high as 95% ! ) that enter into the Nikken

business don't even make their money back . It's hard to succeed without the proper systems in

place, most home business owners never really get these.

Now's what top earners have learned how to EXPLODE their bank accounts to discover exactly

how to get people to contact you to about your business, instead of chasing them down the street

or into their homes.

A business like Nikken comes down to numbers: increasing the number of people you can present your

opportunity to make sense- in fact it's vital-so how do you do it ?

When you have people calling you about your business instead of the other way around leads to a

profitable bottom line; but the vast majority of people who struggle with this sort of business

have difficulty and never truly learn how to generate leads and grow their business.

Then they give up.This is what we're striving to change.Their is a solution. I'm living proof.
You don't have to experience the same struggles so many others have endured in businesses like Nikken.

Nikken scam ?
No. Is there a better way to grow a business these days ?

Follow this link for my Free Training and  learn  how to automate your business and eliminate rejection for good with Nikken (or any home business for that matter).

Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Great Degrees Guaranteed (OK, Virtually ) to Earn You more Money

3 Masters Degrees For Earning More

1. Online Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

2012 beginning median salary: $90,000; many industries report significantly higher beginning salaries (U.S. News & World Report).

According to the 2012 Corporate Recruiters Survey and the Graduate Management Admissions Council’s 2012 Global Management Education Graduate Survey, 62% of recent MBA graduates have job offers upon graduation.

An MBA degree often provides career advancement opportunities, a more rewarding career, and a larger salary. Online MBA programs typically include core courses in subjects such as economics, finance, information systems, accounting, marketing, and management.

MBA programs also cover management skills, human resources management, and leadership. The programs usually include case studies. Typically online MBA programs take two years to complete, but some programs can be completed in just one year.

MBA specialties include computer and information security, health administration, marketing, applied computer sciences, information systems management, engineering and technology management, environmental management, and international business.

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Online Master of Business Administration!

2011 median salary for Financial Analysts: $75,650; employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is forecast to be 23% (Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS]).

A master’s degree in finance gives graduates a competitive edge in areas such as investment management, corporate finance, commercial and retail banking, and financial management of companies and nonprofits, as well as analysis and brokerage.

Financial Analysts evaluate investment opportunities for businesses and individuals. They evaluate the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. Some Financial Analysts evaluate the feasibility of a deal and create a plan of action based on financial analysis.

Many employers seek candidates with a master’s degree in finance or an MBA. Those with experience have an opportunity to become a Portfolio Manager and supervise a team of analysts. Portfolio Managers choose the mix of investments for a company’s investment portfolio.
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They work for banks, mutual funds, pension funds, securities firms and other types of businesses. Successful financial analysts often become senior financial analysts or associates after three to four years.

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Online MBA in Finance!

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management

2011 median salary for Lodging anagers: $47,450; and for Meeting, Convention, and Event lanners: $46,020 (BLS).

The program prepares graduates for management positions in companies in the rapidly growing hospitality industry, such as hotel management, restaurant and food service management, conventions and meeting management, tourism management, and other areas.

The programs incorporate practical business knowledge with management theory. Students gain the skills and expertise required to excel in a management, operations, or marketing position in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Managers work in a variety of sectors, including amusement parks, associations, colleges and universities, country clubs, cruise lines, convention centers, conference centers, hotels, motels, resorts, and more.

Most large, full-service hotels require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, whereas many small hotels accept applicants with an associate’s degree or a certificate in hotel management or operations. Many Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner positions require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or
related degree. 
Discover Our Degree Programs

Job titles include:

    Banquet Director
    Catering Director
    Conference Coordinator
    Event Planner
    Food/Beverage Manager
    Operations Manager
    University Food Service Manager
    Club Manager

Interested in Learning More But Don't know where to start ? Follow this link for suggestions

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Start a Home Business ? Here's Why You Should Start a home business

Start a Home Business ? The Reasons You Might Have Missed

There are lots of different types of home businesses out there but you likely won't be surprised to learn that many don't make any money.When choosing a home business you want it to be something you can enjoy, but probably top of your list is making a profit.

A home business can be beneficial for a number of reasons, even if it's not profitable yet.
However earning in this industry can be difficult if you don't have the proper tools or system in place.

Also, if you don't learn certain skills  you can easily find yourself basically treading water. 

Trying to sell stuff on Ebay and Amazon is tough. Learning what to do is your biggest obstacle.

-See when I first decided to try marketing online I was lost and overwhelmed. This is what happens to most people and they get stuck I wish I could go back and get the training I needed in the beginning instead of trying all different things till something worked.

I didn't know what worked and what was just BS. I decided then and there I was going to run my own business on helping the person that really wants it and is willing to go after their dreams.

So here's the deal. Follow the link below and get access to my free presentation on growing a home business online and find out exactly what tools I'm using and how I'm doing it.

The way I look at it you've got a few choices- you can do nothing.
you can keep doing what your doing and hope it improves.    

Or you can take action and find out what's really working today when it comes to working from home and creating time and freedom and get more of what you want out of life.

It's up to you.

If you need a financial vehicle for a home business venture  or simply a proven home business system, I  recommend using a system that has been proven to work repeatedly and not something that's a fly-by-night newbie course.  created more top earners online than anything else.
No one product will work miracles for you unless you put in the time and effort to make it work.


Not sure what type of home business to start ? The first thing you need is training on how to market your business.

This is the #1 reason 97% of home businesses end up costing more people more money than they make.

Do you want a proven financial vehicle for a home business venture , a home business system shown to work over and over ?

No one product will work miracles for you unless you put in the time and effort to make it work.

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